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13 August, 2012

photos from last weekend

new post of pix on tumblr of latest camping trip
to bodega bay....

06 August, 2012


i've arrived at full capacity for photos on this 'free' blog.
so catch me on my tumblr:

29 July, 2012

ball point pen on pages from an old poetry book

this is my first.
hopefully they will get better.

22 July, 2012

late additions to portland trip photos

stolen from jess

a passing uphill tram as we rode downhill

green green everywhere

21 July, 2012

lovely portland in july

amtrak trip....17 hours of relaxation. 
hit portland in time to meet jess' new landlord
and see her soon-to-be new home. it's perfect.
as the week went along, we:
hit the bins.
roamed around downtown.
roamed around portland state.
watched tons of movies, including 'brave' and 'moonrise kingdom'....and many more.
did the "4T" downtown ~ train, trail, tram and trolley. 3-4 hours of hiking/riding around green portland.
played basketball.
played baseball.
visited roadside attraction ~ bar.  we played yahtzee and drank beer.
visited buckman's botanical brewery ~ bar.  we played yahtzee and drank beer.
played cards against humanity  ~  loved it.
roamed hawthorne district, alberta district.
packed boxes.
left some street pickins  ~  things were snatched up in minutes!
scored some street pickins.
god i love portland.

pulling into pdx

mt hood floating in the sky

street pickins

cutest flower ever


08 July, 2012

me and the dog

murphy and i visited the devil's mountain again.
a beautiful 3 days.

pretty poison

murphy LOVES the campfire...he will sit, staring into the fire, just like me, for the entire evening.

i have fallen in love with our mountain